YouTube Processing Stuck at 0: Here’s How To Fix (Easy Solutions)

YouTube is the biggest platform on the internet for creators and artists to share their video content with their fans worldwide.

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For that, they ensure the highest quality of their videos. But YouTube video processing scales it down to some extent to make things run fluidly for everyone.

To maintain this big platform for video sharing, YouTube does a lot of work behind the screen and thus there are lots of procedures and guidelines. One of those is YouTube video processing.

However, sometimes, you may face the problem of YouTube processing stuck at 0 which can be frustrating to solve. What is it? What should I do when my video gets stuck in this procedure?

We are gonna talk about it all so stick with us till the end.

What is YouTube Video Processing?

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YouTube video processing, in simple words, is preparing the video to be viewed on the internet. This processing includes compression of your video.

This may sound like a myth, but it is absolutely. YouTube video compression has been around since the beginning. Why is it so necessary?

That is because the internet speed that we currently enjoy is not fast enough to stream the actual video sizes. It will simply buffer or break down midway.

Thus YouTube video compression takes care of it and makes the video file size small enough for our internet to stream. This way, everything stays dynamic and moving. But does it reduce the quality of the videos?

Of course, it does and the difference is notable in the creator’s eye. We regular YouTube viewers may not even understand that the quality of the video has been scaled down.

Ask any YouTube video creators. Or you can test it by yourself. Record a video in 4K or any resolution near 4K and upload the video on YouTube.

Now watch both the videos side-by-side. You will notice the difference, but it would still be vague.

That is because YouTube video processing compresses the video, but keeps the quality as high as it reasonably can to resemble the original video.

This compression takes most of the time of YouTube video processing and most of the time, this is where your YouTube video processing gets stuck.

YouTube video processing not only includes video compression but also audio compression and preparing it in different watchable resolutions on the internet.

YouTube Processing Stuck at 0: 5 Easy Solutions

There are a lot of reasons why your Video is stuck at 0% in YouTube processing. The main problem is that you cannot pinpoint any problem that could be the reason for it. There is no way of telling what the problem here with your video is unless it is solved.

So how would you solve the problem of your YouTube video being stuck at 0%? Here are 5 solutions. Try them one after another and eventually your problem will be solved.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The most common reason why your YouTube video is stuck at 0% processing is a poor internet connection. You may not have a poor internet connection, but rather an internet connection with the top-notch speed in your city, but still, it could be a problem.

What you should do at that moment is to check your internet speed. Is it at its peak speed? Yes? Then check how many devices are connected to your internet at the moment.

The more devices are connected to your internet, the less bandwidth each device will get, and thus the internet speed will decrease.

This is common knowledge.  When five devices connect to the same WIFI, the speed of the WIFI gets divided into five sections and each device receives less speed.

This can cause a serious problem for YouTube video upload because you are uploading the original file which is enormous.

Disconnect all the other devices in the house and keep the computer or video uploading device connected to the internet only. This way your upload will receive the full bandwidth of your internet and it may move up from 0%.

Implement this procedure to see if your YouTube processing moves up from 0 or not. If it is still stuck at 0%, then perhaps your internet is ok. The problem could be somewhere else. So try the next method.

2. Delete the Video and Upload It

Delete the video. But not immediately. Wait for eight hours after you have set the internet connection as mentioned in the last step. If your video is still stuck at 0% after eight hours, then delete it. Upload the same video again from start.

You can guess that on the first try your video was somehow received in the wrong way, thus there was an error and YouTube was stuck at 0% in processing your video. We can hope that the video will not get the same receiving error as the first try.

So, delete the first video and upload it again. Also, wait for eight hours max to see the result. Is it stuck at 0% again? Then we would like to suggest you delete it again and give up for the day.

Try uploading it the next day. Be sure to set the internet accordingly as the first step. Is it still stuck at 0%? Then try the next step.

3. Convert the Video into a Different Format

If the last two-step did not do any good for solving the problem, then try this method of converting your video into a different format.

Don’t worry about it, YouTube video processing will take care of it and make it watchable for everyone. But you will need to get it through that process first.

The video format you were trying to upload may be the wrong format, or maybe for some unknown reason, YouTube was unable to process that format of the video. It may or may not be the reason, but it is worth giving it a try.

There are many free video editing software that can convert your video into a different format. You can even do that in your current editor. So just do it and see if it does you any good. 

If you are wondering which format to convert your video and try uploading it then here is an official help guide from YouTube that has the suggested uploading format for videos.

If it still does not work, then follow the next step.

4. Compress the Video

Delete the video that you have converted into a different format and try to upload it. Take the original video you are uploading and compress it.

As you know YouTube video processing is mostly about compressing it. So by pre-compressing it before uploading, you are doing the work for YouTube processing.

But sadly, the YouTube algorithm is not smart enough to realize that and they will still compress the video in processing it. But anyway, as you have compressed it, the size of your video has greatly decreased.

So now you are uploading a relatively small file. YouTube video processing should run faster with the small video uploading. So it is worth a shot.

Usually, this method would be enough to get the process up and running from 0%. So you can surely hope for it to work.

But if it still doesn’t and remains stuck at 0%, then you may consider yourself the unluckiest Youtuber at the moment. What should you do at that moment? Call YouTube for an explanation.

5. Try to Contact YouTube; Is the Server Down for Maintenance?

So all the previous procedures failed? Then here is one last thing for you to do. Call YouTube. As a creator of YouTube, you must have the number that is used for contacting the YouTube helpline, right? Call in that number and talk to an admin.

Ask why is your video stuck at 0% in YouTube video processing? They will give you a guideline.

You should tell them about all the attempts you have tried in their guideline so that they can understand the situation better and it is possible that they might send over a tech support guy for further help.

There could be an alternative scenario, where you will hear that YouTube servers are currently down for maintenance and hence no new videos can be uploaded.

In that case, ask the admin when the servers will be online and you can upload your videos again. You will surely get a satisfactory answer.

These are the five procedures we would like to suggest to you for resolving the problem of YouTube video processing.

Give them a try sequentially when such an unlucky situation arises. If you want, you can call the YouTube helpline first and then work according to their guidelines.


YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing on the internet. So naturally, there are many problems that will arise regularly.

When such a problem arises, you should not lose your patience. Rather use it at that moment and take care of the situations with a pre-determined protocol such as the one we mentioned above.

So follow these protocols for solving your YouTube video processing stuck at 0%. You will surely get satisfactory results.

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