YouTube Comment Failed To Post: Why It Happens & Solution

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YouTube comments have been an integrated part of the platform since the very beginning. These comments can benefit the creator in understanding the demand of his/ her fans and improve their content in the next upload.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you suddenly cannot comment on YouTube videos anymore? Believe it or not, it happens every now and often and it is very disturbing.

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So, follow our guidelines to the end to figure out how you can solve these types of situations of YouTube comment posting.

Why Do YouTube Comments Fail to Post?

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There are dozens of reasons why YouTube comments failed to post. It could be the issue of an extension software you are using. Or it could be that your account is temporarily suspended. The possible reason for your comment posting problem can be many.

Your previous comment may have violated YouTube’s community guidelines, or it could have offended someone and it was reported. The use of VPN can also give rise to this problem.

Recent updates of the YouTube policy now restrict users with automated name-generated names from commenting. This does not always happen, but there is a possibility of it happening.

Whatever the problem is, there is always a solution to it. You just need to implement the solution correctly and your problem will be solved. So let us look at the solutions now.

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Solution for YouTube Comment Failed to Post

There are quite a few solutions for solving YouTube commenting errors. But here are seven solutions that will help you effectively solve your YouTube commenting problem.

Some of them may sound rather impractical and more of a myth, but g=rest assured and give them a try.

Turning off Adblock Software


As much as we hate ads, YouTube loves them. And we may use an AdBlock extension in our browsers to stop ourselves from getting frustrated with YouTube ads, but when we use them, it pisses off YouTube.

Ads are the main source of income for YouTube. So when you use an AdBlock extension, you are restricting their income. So to motivate us from stopping the AdBlock extension, YouTube has made it impossible for us to comment on videos. 

So just turn the AdBlock extension off and see if it does you any good. If you are bumped up about turning the AdBlock extension off, you can customize it to whitelist YouTube.

So how'd you done it? Just go to chrome settings and browse the extensive menu. From there find the AdBlock extension and disable it. Or you can just customize it to whitelist YouTube. That shall be enough to do the trick.

Now to make things sure, restart your browser after turning off the extension and see if you can comment on YouTube videos or not.

If not, then have a look at the next solution.

Disconnect VPN

YouTube discourages the use of VPN. It is not like that it will violate their user policy. They discourage it because using a VPN creates bugs for their algorithm.

A VPN does not allow storing browsing data, So YouTube cannot effectively track your process while you are using VPN.

Hence, you cannot post a comment on a video. It is either that YouTube can’t let users comment while they are on VPN, or it could be YouTube’s way of encouraging the users to stop using VPN.

So whether you are on a PC or a smartphone, turn off the VPN, log out of the browser or the YouTube software and then try again by opening the apps.

Usually, this should have solved the problem of commencing, but there is always a chance of failure. So if the process fails to solve your problem, take a look at the next solution.

Clear cookies/ cache for the YouTube site

You may unknowingly accept lots of cookies on many websites, but they play a very important role on the web. These cookies are actively used by a website to identify you and your activity from the last visit to that website.

Similarly, YouTube also uses cookies for identifying you and your activities. These cookies can be a time reason why you are unable to comment on a particular YouTube video.

Unfortunately, these cookies and temporary files get corrupted very easily. Hence a glitch appears and this small glitch in the system makes YouTube restrict you from commenting. SO what can you do here? 

You can just clear your browser’s history. Make sure to check in the box of cookies and caches while cleaning the history. Alternatively, you can choose to use the incognito tab for bypassing this problem.

Whatever you do, the choice is yours.

If you are on your smartphone, then you can clear all app data from the app settings, or you could just reinstall the YouTube app.

Change Your YouTube Username

The latest policy update of YouTube has a minor glitch that restricts some users from commenting just because of their username.

The scenario is, if your email ID is used as your username, then YouTube comments will not work for you. We are in the year 2022. Who uses their email ID as their username now? So this glitch does make sense and it is also a good reminder for us to update your Google username.

Yes, you will have to change your Google username, precisely your email user name. As Google has bought YouTube, your Gmail ID is now integrated with Google.

So, change the username of your Gmail account and the problem of commenting will get solved, hopefully.

Watch the Whole Video First

If deactivating AdBlock and VPN and changing your username did not solve the problem, then perhaps the problem is with YouTube’s algorithm.

We all know that we cannot comment on a YouTube video without watching it. YouTube made this rule to stop spam in the comment section.

You may be trying to comment on that video in the first 10 or 20 seconds. That is why YouTube’s algorithm might be recognizing it as spam.

So watch the video for at least one and a half minutes and then try to comment on it. If your comment is still not getting posted, then watch the whole video. Twice if possible and then try to comment.

Still not posting? Then you can consider yourself one of the unluckiest. Proceed to the next solution, please.

Use a Different Web Browser

Perhaps your YouTube account and the YouTube server had no problem at all. Maybe it was your browser that had the problem. Think about it for a moment.

You have turned off all the AdBlock and VPN extensions, cleared the cookies, changed your username, and even have watched the video more than once. Yet your comment is not getting posted.

Maybe your comment has violated the YouTube guideline policy? You might have noticed it and changed the comment, but it still did not work.

So we can conclude that your browser has some errors. So switch the browser. If you are on Chrome, switch to Firefox. If you are on Firefox, switch to Chrome.

Don’t be ashamed if you are a hater of these browsers. Now is the time for you to solve your problem first, then worry about the browser wars later.

Try Switching Device as a Last Resort

If all of the solutions did not work, then we have got nothing for you but two solutions. You can either report or call the YouTube helpline, or you can switch devices.

We highly doubt that the reporting will do you any good. So stick with switching your device first.

There could be some restrictions YouTube has implemented for the IP address of your device. So no matter which accounts you log into, you will not be able to post any comments. So switch the device.

We are not telling you to get a new computer just to make a comment on some YouTube video. What we are trying to say is that use your phone instead of a pc and vice versa.

If you are failing to make a comment using your computer, then just use your phone.

If the toy's YouTube account is not temporarily suspended, then you will be able to make the comment.

There is a high chance of success in this procedure, which might make you ask, why did not I use this procedure in the first place? You are free to use it in the first place if you think you should. We are no one to stop you.

Final Words

Commenting in YouTube videos is an integrated part of the platform. Can you imagine YouTube without commenting?

Then the general viewers would have no voice and the content creators would be basically blind about which direction to go with their channel and videos.

So it is important that you make sure you are able to comment on any video on YouTube. If any error arises, then follow the steps we just discussed. If the problem is still not solved, then you should really contact YouTube support.

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