13 Spooky Ways to Make Money Before Halloween

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The Halloween season is a great time to start preparing for the expensive December holidays.

Rather than going into debt up to your eyeballs, consider one of the following 13 ways to make scary cash on Halloween.

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1. Sell old costumes

We all do it – we accumulate numerous costumes only to have them sit in the closet collecting dust. Rather than hanging onto something you won’t ever use again, earn some cash by selling old costumes and having clutter vanish into thin air.

2. Make costumes

If you love sewing, make some side cash by creating costumes. Goblins of all ages love handmade costumes – there’s something special about a costume stitched by hand rather than bought in a package at the store.

3. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Halloween is a popular holiday for witches who have had too much fun and shouldn’t be driving their broomsticks. Help everyone stay safe by driving for Uber or Lyft. You’ll likely earn premium rates by working on busy nights, especially Halloween night.

4. Attach coupons or business cards to candy

If you’re giving out candy this year, consider attaching a business card or valuable coupon to it for your business. This could be the magic wand to increase awareness and expand business opportunities after Halloween ends.

5. Offer babysitting or pet sitting services

Parents like to have fun, too. If you love watching children or taking care of pets, offer your services. You’ll be exceptionally valuable on Halloween night as a pet sitter to relieve concerns about how the furry family members will react to the commotion of trick-or-treating. 

6. Offer face painting services

Are you exceptionally good at face painting? Your skills are highly sought after this time of year. Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, there are parties to attend and costume contests to win. Put your scary skills to good use and help your clients stand out from the crowd.

7. Be a DJ

If you have mad music skills, put them to good use as a DJ at a Halloween party. Whether you help at a kid-friendly party playing traditional Halloween music or you keep an adult party hopping with the tunes, your services will be spook-tacular.

8. Plan Halloween parties

Parents and kids both love celebrating Halloween. Get your wicked party planning skills out and create a spooky bash.

9. Work at a party store

If you want a quick, temporary part-time job that’s fun, work at a party store. You get to help kids and adults select the perfect costume and decorations for their parties. The time will pass fast as you make some extra sweet cash.

10. Chaperone trick-or-treating

Parents with multiple children often need help chaperoning one child while they attend to another. This happens as kids get a little older, but aren’t quite old enough to trick-or-treat alone. Charge babysitting rates and earn yourself some scary side cash.

11. Work at a haunted house

Haunted houses look a little different today, but there is still a need for terrifyingly good actors. If you love the thrill of scaring people, work at a haunted house and make some creepy cash.

12. Carve pumpkins

If you’re artistic and don’t mind the pumpkin guts, carve pumpkins and charge for them. People will pay for your frightful artistic skills, especially if they’re entering a competition or don’t have time to create their own jack-o-lantern 

13. Sell Halloween crafts

If you’re crafty, now’s the perfect time to sell howl about your skills. Whether you sell goodies to give away at parties, special costume pieces, or home décor, you can make some spine-chilling cash doing it. You might even consider opening an Etsy store!

There are numerous ways to earn money during Halloween. Get creative, have some fun, and put an alarming amount of money into your treat bag this Halloween.

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