How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram (and Why You Should)

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Welcome technologically challenged people of the internet. How are ya? If you're anything like me, you know how to use technology, but you aren't a genius at it. And hey, we can't have it all. It's just a part of life.

Lucky for you, I have taken the initiative as your supreme leader to figure out how to share a youtube video on Instagram. Yes, I did it for you.

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You can pay me with Starbucks gift cards. I will also link my Amazon wish list at the end of the blog post if you feel generous. I'm only half kidding.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn how to share a youtube video on Instagram, then stick around because we will break this thing down! Let's get right into it! 

Also, if you need help with the privacy settings of your YouTube videos, here's a detailed guide for you.

Why Linking YouTube Videos To Instagram Can Be Helpful

Before diving into the details of how to share a youtube video on Instagram, let's go over some of the reasons why it may be beneficial to transfer videos between platforms in the first place! 

One of the reasons why sharing youtube videos to Instagram is a smart move, especially for content creators and businesses, is that it will drive more traffic back to their youtube.

Think about it for a second. If you are making videos on youtube, not all of your followers on Instagram may be subscribed to you on your youtube channel.

Therefore, by posting clips of your youtube videos on your profile, story, or even IGTV, you are then able to expand your audience and generate traffic back to your channel.

Remember, if you are a content creator, it's all about generating views, likes, shares, and comments. So, take advantage of this if you can and get a posting! 

Okay, now let’s get into the details! 

How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

How to Share a YouTube Video on Instagram

Sometimes you find a video on youtube that you think is GOLD, and you need to share it with your friends on Instagram. I mean, isn't that what social media is about? Sharing sharing sharing? 

If you have tried to share a youtube video before, you will know that you can only share it to a platform that will enable links to be shared—for example, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr.

However, you probably notice that Instagram is not one of them. Come on Instagram, it's like 2022. Let's get with the program! 

Therefore, if you want to share a video, you will have to download the video from youtube and then post it to your Instagram account. Don’t know how to do this? Let me show you how. 

How to Download a YouTube Video 

Because youtube doesn’t allow you to download videos straight from their website, there are tons of downloading tools that you can find online that will help you with this.

However, to save you all that trouble and extra steps, we are going to suggest just screen recording on your phone or laptop!

This is more suitable for iPhone users as Android has a bit of an upper hand when it comes to downloading youtube videos and uploading them to Instagram. Which we will get into a little bit later down the road here. Moving on! 

Next Steps 

Now that you have your video all ready to go, you are going to want to open up that Instagram app!

Just how you would post a photo, you will click on the little plus sign in the bottom center of your screen. Once you click on this, it will prompt you to add photos or videos to your camera roll.

Once you have selected the video, you can then trim the video to your desired length for up until 30 seconds! And voila mi amigos! You have a youtube video on your Instagram! 

What if I Want to Post a YouTube Video on My Story?

Don't worry, my friends, you know I wouldn't leave you hanging! If you want to upload a youtube video to your Instagram story, all you will want to do is swipe left on your Instagram screen. This will bring you to your story feature.

Essentially, what you will want to do next is click the bottom left corner where there is a little square. This will bring up your camera roll.

Click on the video that you would like to upload, and there you have it! You can trim it down, add music over the top, add stickers –do your thing, my friends, get creative! 

Okay, but What if I Want to Post a YouTube Video on My Igtv?

Okay, wow, you guys sure ask a lot of questions today—Gosh (kidding). Posting your youtube videos to your Instagram IGTV is super simple!

Suppose you are looking for a solution to publishing a longer video than that on your actual profile or story without interruptions. In that case, this is a perfect solution! 

And you will be happy to know that you can actually share clickable links from youtube to IGTV so the user that is watching your IGTV and click through and watch the rest of the video on youtube! 

What if I Want to Post a YouTube Video to My Instagram on My Computer?

If you want to download a video from youtube and post it to your Instagram while using your laptop, there are going to be slightly more steps to this. So, pay attention, my friends! 

There are several online youtube video converters that you can use online. Some of the top choices I would say are the safest are: 

One thing to remember about sites like these is that you want to make sure that they are SSL encrypted, so you know that they are safe.

There is nothing worse than getting malware or other computer viruses on your computer. Nobody has time for that, okay?

Plus, we want to keep our information as safe as possible. Here is a general step-by-step process of how you are going to download your youtube video from the internet on your computer: 

1. Go to your website of choice. 

They will usually have a search bar on the screen where you will need to copy and paste the URL of your desired video from youtube. 

2. Choose Your File Format 

You will be provided the option to download to MP3, MP4 (which is the one we want), and other files as well. Some websites will even allow you to choose the quality of the video download as well! 

3. Download the video 

Once you click download, the file will show up in your downloads on your web browser, depending on the type of browser you use.

Once it has finished downloading, you can drag it and drop it to your desktop! After that, you can transfer it to your mobile device and upload it to Instagram! 

If You Have an Android

As I mentioned earlier, if you have an android phone, sometimes it pays off. Sometimes. It's not like I'm biased towards Apple products or anything (only slightly, I swear). 

For Android users, instead of screen recording you, the Google store has blessed you with the ability to just download apps onto your phone that allows you to download videos straight from youtube.

For some reason, Apple hasn't given the go-ahead for its products. But hey, you can't win them all!

Just simply search youtube converter into the Google store, and you will find tons of apps available. Click whichever one you think is best, and there you go! Easy peasy! 

Important Things to Remember 

One of the essential things to remember is that when downloading a youtube video, there will always be copyright guidelines attached to the videos.

If you plan on posting a youtube video to your Instagram, just be careful as Instagram may ask you to take the video down or remove the video altogether. We don't need a lawsuit on our hands, so just remember to be careful! 

Another thing to remember is that what may be deemed okay on youtube in terms of community guidelines may not be considered acceptable on the Instagram platform. Again, just use your common sense when it comes to these things, and you should be good to go! 

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Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, my dudes. Uploading youtube videos to your Instagram isn't that hard after all. However, it does take some work here and there depending on what kind of mobile device you have and if you want to make edits to your video, etc.

Nonetheless, after reading through our comprehensive guide (all thanks to moi), you should be well-equipped to do this yourself. 

Remember, if you are a content creator or social media influencer who makes youtube videos make sure to post your videos to Instagram to generate more traffic! 

Alrighty, peeps, it has been a slice like usual! Make sure to leave a comment down below if you have any other ways to download youtube videos and posting them to Instagram. Please share; we would love to know! 

Bye for now!

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