How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

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Hey, you! Do you want to make money on youtube without making videos? Yes, you read that correctly. No, it’s not a scam. I promise there are actually ways that you can begin making money on youtube without making videos. Now you're probably sitting there thinking, yup; she has lost it. 

And to that, I will say that I promise this is not a scam! So, do you want to learn how to make money on youtube without making videos or not? Convinced? Okay, let me show you what I’m talking about! Let’s get into it! 

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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos 

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to begin making money on youtube without making videos, there is one catch: you will still have to post videos on the platform. I know, I know.

Now before you click away, let me quickly explain. You won't be posting videos of yourself on the platform, but rather posting compilation videos instead! 

What the Heck Is a Compilation Video?

A compilation video is a video that contains a lot of videos pertaining to a specific niche. For example, cute dog compilation videos or epic fail compilation videos, gaming, just for laughs –the options are really endless.

Now you know what I'm talking about? Okay, perfect, let's move on; we've got a lot more to cover! 

What to Do Next

Okay, my friends, now that we've gotten out of the way of what a compilation video is, let's get down to business. The first thing that you are going to want to do before posting any content with the intent to monetize is, to begin with picking your niche.

This could be anything from epic fails, scary moments caught on camera, or even a Harry Styles compilation if that is what you like. 

Compilation videos are very popular on youtube, and for a good reason! This is why if you can produce great compilation videos, then there is no reason you shouldn't be able to make money off of your youtube videos! 

Consistent posting and high-quality content are essential! So make sure you are choosing a niche that you enjoy! 

Why Should You Do This to Make Money?

A good question that you’re probably wondering is why not just start a personal youtube channel. And you totally can!

However, youtube is not what it was ten years ago. With so many users and influencers on youtube now, getting noticed on the platform is getting harder and harder for people to get noticed

By making a compilation video, you are creating something in demand and that many people are going to watch. You are pretty much guaranteed together views, which is what you want if you want to make money. 

These types of videos are also super easy to make if you know how to edit them together. Practice makes perfect. So, try making a compilation video to test out your skills, and then the sky's the limit! 

Want to Start Making and Posting Compilation Videos? 

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Okay so if, I’ve convinced you to start making compilation videos for your youtube channel, that congrats! I'm very excited for you! Let me show you how you can begin setting up your profile and getting started! 

1. Pick Your Niche 

We already went over this previously. However, I just want to stress how important it is to pick a niche and stick with it. Remember, consistency is key! 

2. Find Your Videos 

Once you have picked your niche, the next thing that you need to do is start finding your videos! However, there is a bit of a catch. You are going to need to find videos that are deemed “Creative Commons.” 

Simply put, this is a fancy way of saying non copyrighted videos. While most of the content is copyrighted on youtube, other creators have made it possible for others to post their content without having a copyright violation on their hands. 

How Do You Find These Videos?

Now I know you might be thinking that it’s going to be hard to find these types of videos on youtube, but you are mistaken! It’s actually super easy! What you are going to want to do is go to your search bar on youtube and click the filter button. 

Once you have clicked the filter button, you will notice a features column on the right-hand side of your screen. Under that, you will find the creative commons button. 

By clicking this button, you are now only searching for content that is non copyrighted and free to use in your videos! 

Super easy, hey! 

It’s almost like youtube WANTS you to make money for free. And let me tell you, who doesn’t like free money! 

3. Compile and Edit Your Videos 

Video Editing

Once you have found all of your videos on youtube, the next thing you will want to do is start editing all your videos together!

You are going to want to mesh them into one big video with transitions, an intro, and even an ending if you wish to! Think of it like making your own movie with pre-existing videos! 

How Many Videos Should You Have? 

As a rule of thumb, you are going to want to have anywhere from at least 30 to 50 videos. Now that may seem like a lot, remember that you are going to be cutting these videos down as much as you can and only focusing on the relevant parts.

For example, every time Ross from the TV show Friends screams, “We were on a break!” Do you get what I'm saying? Cool! 

4. Make Your YouTube Channel

Once you have your videos ready to go, if you don’t already have a youtube channel, then it's time to make one! You are going to need a google account to do so, so make sure you have set up your Google account first! 

Once you have everything set up, trying to pick a name that matches the niche that you are going to be posting videos in! For example, FriendsBestMoments or something of the sort!

This will allow people who are looking at your videos to get a sense of what you are offering on your channel as a whole! 

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Tips and Tricks 

Like any youtube video, whether it is your own or a compilation video channel, you are still going to want to make everything consistent.

Remember, treat this as your business. Like any business, you are going to want to have a brand identity. Make sure that your profile and description match what kind of videos you will be posting! 

Let’s take a look at some more helpful tips and tricks that will help you gain followers and make money on youtube! 

1. Create a Cool Thumbnail

Just like a book, people will either be interested in clicking on your video or not by looking at the thumbnail you have posted. Make it exciting and eye-catching, so people feel obligated to click through and watch your content. 

2. Post Consistently

Just like a regular youtube creator would do, you are going to want to make a posting schedule and keep it consistent.

This will allow your audience to know when to expect to find new videos on your account. This creates trust between your audience, which is what you want at the end of the day! 

3. Respond to Comments

Just because you aren't posting videos of yourself doesn't mean you can't respond to comments and questions on your youtube channel! Remember, this is a great way to connect with your videos.

The more friendly and open you are to communicate with them, the more likely they will be coming back and watching more of your videos. This is also a fantastic way for people to post their requests of what kind of content they want to see next! 

With these tips, you will be making money in no time! This is a great way to make a passive income and doesn't take as much effort as an actual YouTuber.

You can even have multiple youtube accounts with different niches if you want. Double money people don’t miss out on this opportunity! I promise you will not be disappointed!  

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, people –how to make money on youtube without making videos of yourself. Seriously you guys need to be hopping on this trend and making money!

If you are dedicated enough to edit together some videos here and there, there is no doubt in my mind that you would make some serious cash

People who are getting rich these days are getting rich because of simple passive income plans such as this. Remember, work smarter, not harder!

Let me know in the comments what kind of niche you would choose. I would love to see what your guys' thoughts are! Until next time my dudes, have a good one! 

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